Sunday, October 16, 2016

A question finally Ah Gal

All this time, she doesnt seem to be keen with babies when you brought her to baby showers, etc.

A friend askef if she has ever asked for a didi or meimei, I said no and in my heart, thinking she would not ask. She hasnt indicated any interest.

But surprising for the first time yesterday, while waiting for her gym class to start and both of us were playing, she suddenly blurted "When will I have a meimei?"

My heart sank a little. It's going to haunt me.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

My bedtime nonsense with little gal

Why are there lightning and (then) thunder? My bedtime nonsense with little gal again.

Last night both of us lied down to sleep with the still heavy thundery showers. As we spoke, the lightning became intense and was much more obvious in the totally dark room.

I blurted:"Who is trying to turn on the lights?" Little gal looked at me. Feeling I had to continue with that conversation, I said:"Oh, I know! 雷公 (thundergod) was trying turn on the lights. And when he cannot manage to turn them on, he becomes angry and said 'GOOOOOONG'!

Little gal chuckled nonstop.

For the next 10 minutes, and as I shut my eyes to sleep , I kept hearing the noise beside me asking "who is trying to turn on the lights" and chuckled, each time the lightning cracked.

Thursday, September 29, 2016



Sunday, August 9, 2015

Sunday, July 26, 2015

It's just a lamp.

They stand by quietly, lining our every streets and every walkways.

They watch us as we walk past them. They are the witnesses of numerous activities around us than what we think we know.

They 'sleep' only (usually) when we wake, and do their job dutifully as the sun gets ready to set.

Yet, how many of us lift our heads to acknowledge their presence. 

How many of us constantly remind ourselves what and how each lamp contribute to our safety? 

We are now so pampered to expect our paths to be lit as we walk in the night. We have come to expect this as an auto function that when night falls - hey bingo, we can still see our roads! Why worry? 

Have we reached a stage where we do not know what is/are present when things work out well, but will only know something's absent when problems surface?

Take some time, look around you as you walk, raise your head and give kudos to these silent contributors as they shower us brightness when our solar power goes to sleep.

Appreciate our surrounding today.

Have we ever wonder what it will be like should we lose all these 'auto' things that we don't even bat an eyelid for one day?

26 Jul 2015

------Celebrating our Golden Jubilee------

Friday, July 3, 2015

My first white hair spotted!

Arg! It wasnt intentional but while I was at the washroom (at the NHC waiting for dad to finish his physiotherapy), I saw a hair jutting out. I went closer to the mirror to take a look, and to, saw a white hair!!! It was half of it.

Sigh, it had finally come! Woooooo.....

I hope I dont spot more in the coming future. 

Friday, April 3, 2015

Articles and links on Mr Lee Kuan Yew

Managed to copy some links read from FB, news sites on Mr Lee Kuan Yew during the 7 days mourning (23 Mar 15 - 29 Mar 15).

They were simply copied and pasted without being organised.


 (funeral special edition) (mr lee life supplement)

Video clips:

LKY clips:

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Final farewell to Mr Lee Kuan Yew


If the past one week was difficult, today will be the most unbearable, as we bid a truly final farewell to our dear founding Prime Minister. I will miss your presence. I will miss your voice. I will miss your speeches. I will miss the fact of just knowing you are here. You are leaving us forever, but your legacy will remain. I am thankful for you, and to you. May you now rest in peace, having fought hard for this nation all your life and satisfied with the achievements you have accomplished. You have lived a full life. I hope you are now reunited with your beloved wife in a better place.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Paying my last respect to Mr Lee Kuan Yew

This is a personal wish and mission I have to accomplished, no matter how long it takes, to bid our founding prime minister farewell. What is 5.5 hours wait to say thank you to a man who had spent more than 50 years building a nation we call our home?

The strange thing was, when I was in the queue, time just flew by. The queue came in different phases. 

Here's a recount of my journey this morning to bid Mr Lee Kuan Yew farewell:

8.35am: Start queueing in front of the War Memorial. The queue just doesnt stop. While queueing, its also a good time to enjoy the view around us, and appreciate the goodness the man had brought us. Learning to appreciate more.

9.13am: reached Padang. Read the placard that the estimated waiting time is 10 hrs. We were lead to a queue and started waiting.

9.50am: Updated by army personnel our waiting time is about 4 hrs from here on and we were  asked to make ourselves comfortable. So we started sitting down and wait for the next movement. Army staff and volunteers came around distributing drinks and biscuits every now and then.

11.06am: Stood up ready to leave Padang, to continue the move. We didnt know what to expect next, but glad we were able to move on.

11.30am: Reached the next phase of queue at the Esplanade. Here's where the long, snaking queue started. Movement were slow and steady. Everyone was orderly and patient.

12.25pm: Light rain comes and everyone starts opening umbrellas. Still orderly. Light rain lasted less than 2 minutes.

1.10pm: Reached the underpass of Anderson Bridge. We were directed to move in blocks from this point on so that we could have air circulation and for evacuation purpose, if ever needed.

1.20pm: Beside the Singapore River. Less than 1 hr to go to reach Parliament House. Took the opportunity to have a good look at the place I have many memories, and a place I have not been for a long, long time. And I remembered reading an article about Mr Lee coming to the river on the night after Mrs Lee's funeral. I wondered where was he standing then.

1.35pm: Arrived at the white tentage, hints of our proximity to the Parliament House. Wrote on condolence card that was made available. Couldnt write much and write well as it was all done while moving.

1.45pm: Reaching security counters. Bags and humans were screened.

1.55pm: Entered the Parliament House compound. Someone important must have been there while we were in the queue but couldnt make out who. Could it be ex-President of Indonesia, Ms Megawati? I dont know and we have to keep moving. As I neared the building, the solemn feeling came back. The heart was pounding. The sadness overwhelming me once again.

2pm: Said my final thank you and goodbye to Mr Lee. Sobs and sniffs could be heard. A vigil party was sitting but I didnt quite make out who they were. My mind was in a whirl after seeing Mr Lee's casket, and had to move on. 

Thank you, Sir. This is the least I can do for you to show how much you were (and will continue to be) appreciated. Majullah Singapura!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Tribute to Mr Lee Kuan Yew (1923-2015)

It had been a sad day, waking up to hear the passing of our founding Prime Minister, Lee Kuan Yew. (23 Mar 2015, 3.18am)

I grew up in the Singapore under Mr Lee's premiership. To me, Lee Kuan Yew is Singapore and Singapore is Lee Kuan Yew. That's the only way I knew it.

I cannot imagine how will life be, and how will Singapore be without Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

Mr Lee, thank you for all you have done. It is very painful to lose you. May you now rest in peace, and be reunited with Mrs Lee once again.

Sunday, September 21, 2014



Monday, September 15, 2014

My slogan for the day

Forget about #2

It takes two hands two clap.

It is good after going round and round, we had the same goal. But the problem, the level of commitment, excitement, anxiety, wanting is so different and the different is so vast!

You will know the emotional exhaustion when one is caught in this situation.

Each time the prb comes and we try to address it, we go into the same cycle.

I am ending this cycle. So I am declaring, I am withdrawing from this and giving up the chase (if anyone cares though).

I am stopping all the restrictions from eating, drinking....whatever!

Game over, officially!


Saturday, September 13, 2014

Ailing relationship?

Something is not very right, but we are hanging in there.

There are more 'strained' moments, at least in my view. There are more frustrated moments. And there are definitely more silent moments.

Are we heading toward the cooling off of a relationship? Is our communication thoroughly breaking down? Seems to be, though I hope not.

I wonder what's so addictive about a damn phone that one cannot let go, and what's so big deal that the other cant just forget about.

At least from my perspective, I really have enough of such an addiction. I am seeing more of the other party settlinf down at the comfort of the phond and see nothing else happening at the peripherals.

I gave one or two clear indications and tonnes of indirect hints. But the through is, either they are all not clear enough to get into someone's head, or the addiction has become too ingrained. 

When there were two of us, I could just give a head shake and get on with doing things. Now with three of us, I occasionally have the urge to break some glasses to get my message across.

It is clearly affecting our relationship, again, AT LEAST fron my view. The other party is likely to still be hallucinating under the great influence of technological addiction.

What else can I do? I want to just manage things on my own, live as though I am managing things alone. Maybe by doing this, I will feel less bothered by the other party's indifferent attitude. He can continue to live in his own world while I live in mine, and my little one. This is definitely a bad choice for a relationship but I dont know what else to do.

Both of us are extremely poor communicators - one waits for the other to open mouth, while the other keeps things down.

Will this be my life for the rest of my remaining life? Or will we cut this short, either by making things better, or in the worse case, throwing in our towels?

I am just so tired, and frustrated, and bogged.

Good night.


This is a danger sign

Friday, September 12, 2014


Sigh I have nothing better else to say then...

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Part 1 of wardrobe clearing

Have been wanting to organise En's wardrobe for a super long time but just didnt get to it. Today I had a day to rest at home but couldnt sleep, so I decided to start with a little reorganising.

Packed out lots of her little items - swap, rompers, bibs, mittens, booties, caps, pants which all are too small liao. Those that are clearly old, i have to throw them away. Those that are pretty decent, i have kept them aside for anyone with a little baby and can use them.

Clearing these stuff made me recall the time En was just so small. More than 2 years have passed and she has grown up to be a big little girl now. A tinge of sadness having to throw those old clothings. :(

But then.....I need the space!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

PCF Sports Day at ITE Central

Today's the One Community Walk day organised by the People's Association.

It seemed then that all the childcare centres and kindergartens under PCF were also participants, directly or indirectly.

En's school gave us some tickets for rides and games. So we brought En this morning for a different exposure. 

The little gal was in love with the Thomas and friends train ride. She had 3 rides! One of which was with her good friend in school, Chloe. The gals met at the train ride venue and ended up moving about together - breakfast with Chloe's parents and walking home together.

Little gal was dead beat when she reached home and it didnt take her long to zzzxx right after her milk at 12pm!! And slept till 10 minute to 4pm.

Thought it was a nice morning to spent with little gal though we thought the event was a little wasted in that the q was very long for most popular rides and games, so we really weren't in a good mood to queue for all. Moreover we did not have coupons for some of the items, like the balloons. 

But anyhow, glad for the opportunity to exposure little gal to something different.

24 Aug 14

Thursday, August 21, 2014


是不是所有父亲都认为母亲永远是那个by default看着孩子的人?



Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Those were the days

A poly friend, Eileen sent us this pic via watsapp some months back. It was one of our stay at Changi Village chalet, if I remember correctly.

Well the four of us were 'stick togethers' during our 2nd and 3rd year of our poly life.

Those days were fun to me though there were 'pains' during project times.

I cant believe this was about 20 years ago! How time flies when you least expect it. Have we changed much? Other than marital status, I guess there aren't many significant differences.

How many more twenty years do we habe and can we look back?

Monday, August 18, 2014

Maomie is back!

There was only one miserable post in 2013 and i wonder what had kept me off my blog for that long.

Well lots of things, esp with a little one. Everyday is simply rushing from places to places, getting numerous things done one after another, in addition to work.

2013 had been a dreadful year to begin with, in relation to work. Left one place to another, but with lots of ill feeling (will share more when I am able to write more). 

Joined a new department and programme on 1 Feb 2014 where i am still at now. Time is more flexible for me to handle home and work, though travel can be a little painful sometimes.

Well, i do hope to revive this blog and continue from where i had left off, to rattle about this and that.

Are you ready?? 

18 Aug 14

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Geez....another long wait

Since last August (2012), my god!

What have I been doing from them till now? Busy with Baby En En, with work, with life, with everyone else except for 'me time'.

I have moved into a new job since 1 Feb. Much more peaceful...Am hoping to hang in here for a while.

And how has my little gal been? Had been on and off with flu, cough, fever, viral/bacterial infections for the past months. She had just recovered from the last bout of infections. Hopefully she can get a little stronger now.

En En is now walking though not fully steady yet. And is blabbering more than ever! Hahahaha.....

My bonus every working day is to see her at infant care and bring her home.